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Our Story

By Campers, For Campers

We created Set Up Camp with a simple idea: to help more Australians and their families discover the joy and ease of camping.

Our journey started after one too many weekends rushing between activities, feeling uninspired and going through the motions of life. We felt a disconnect from our kids, and we decided time in the great outdoors was the best remedy. After camping became a regular part of our lives, we became a more connected family and our passion became helping other families take their weekends back.

Set Up Camp represents our journey of discovering, using and testing the best products to make camping easier and more achievable for everyone, because we know first-hand what a mission it is to pack up kids, spouses, dogs, and more, especially for just a day or two.

That’s why every product you’ll find on Set Up Camp is geared to make set-up and pack-down a breeze, including convenient full servicing and installation at our workshops in Brisbane and Sydney. Our campers and accessories are designed with ease in mind, because one of the main hurdles that campers face is how long it takes to get from packing, unpacking, setting up, to sitting in your camp chair and feeling relaxed. We’re confident we’ll get you there with fewer headaches and more time to actually enjoy yourself.

We’re proud to say Set Up Camp is now one extended family of weekend and holiday adventurers, bound together by a shared appreciation for the sounds of nature and finding space to reconnect with ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

It’s our ultimate joy to offer our expertise and experiences, allowing our customers to explore the best Australia has to offer with everything they need to Set Up Camp. 

From our family to yours, let’s get you on your way.

  • That’s our mission – to make camping easier and more achievable for everyone, so you can make it a part of life whenever you want it.

    Nicole Wilson

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