Our Values

At Set Up Camp, we live and breathe the idea that camping is for everyone. From the very start, it’s been our intention to do good and do right by our campers, so they fall in love with this outdoor lifestyle just as much as we have. Our brand values guide our actions – they inspire us, keep us in check and drive us to do better

We hope you share some of them, too.

1. We value time and just how precious it is 

Time with friends, time with family, time for true connection outside the confines of the daily grind and 9-5. We believe in building more moments for connection, helping Aussie families spend more time together in places of natural beauty. We focus on ease of use, quality and efficiency as key criteria in our product range to give more people a reason to get outside. 

2. We value establishing customers for life

We welcome each and every person into our family of campers. It’s not transactional. We want to help you build your ultimate camping experience that you can share through generations. With our deep dedication to service and unwavering attention to detail for quality products, developing strong relationships with the people we serve is a driving mindset for us across everything we do. 

3. We value embracing adventure in the everyday 

We want people to feel a sense of adventure more than on their holidays or time off work. We try to instil a bit of adventure into each day. You’ll feel this when experiencing the Set Up Camp brand. It’s about having fun, creating connections, sharing stories and making things a little more exciting than the ordinary. 

4. We value the power of experience and community: By Campers, For Campers

Every product or service that we offer has been extensively reviewed by our team, often things that we use every time we camp – that’s a promise. Community is so important to us because camping, although can be solitary, is best when you’ve got people around you to share those experiences with. We build community with our knowledge, advice and guides and always invite others to share their experiences with us. #bycampersforcampers 

5. We value the beauty and the sacredness of the great outdoors 

We believe in preserving the beauty of our natural environment and as a brand that helps more people to access the great outdoors, it’s something that we strive to always improve on. We are on our journey to sustainability. We will continue to play our part in encouraging model behaviours of how we work with nature. 

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