• Published June 27, 2022
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Set Up Camp is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Hilltop Caravans to bring our customers the highest quality Australian made caravans available! Like us, Hilltop Caravans is a family-owned business who share our commitment to customers, dedication to excellence and safety, and a passion for helping Aussies enjoy the great outdoors in complete comfort.

Dham, Dula, and the entire team from Hilltop Caravans take great pride in their range, and maintain unrivalled attention to detail from design right through to build. Hilltop Caravans are created to take advantage of every inch of interior space, and come complete with modern fittings and optional upgrades.

Where possible, Hilltop Caravans are built with locally supplied materials and products. In fact, Hilltop Caravans is fully accredited by RVMAP (the Caravan Industry Association of Australia) and CIA (the Caravan Industry Association.) This means you know that each Hilltop caravan is carefully tested to meet the most rigorous quality assurance standards. Every model within the Hilltop Caravans range is proudly Australian made.

Hilltop Caravans are available to order from Set Up Camp NOW.

Whatever your prefered mode of travel, Hilltop Caravans has got you covered with more than twelve luxe models to choose from!


17.5″ Single Axel Caravan

The Feathertop is your perfect compact, full-height caravan that still offers everything needed for touring in complete comfort. This model offers a lightweight yet powerful caravanning experience. Ideal for touring couples and first-time caravan owners, the Feathertop comes with all the comforts and amenities needed for exploring the natural beauty of Australia.



22″ Tandem Axel Caravan

The Hilltop Grampian is a deluxe full-height caravan that truly delivers all the comforts of home from anywhere in Australia. As one of the most luxurious caravans of the Hilltop range, the Grampian offers supreme comfort and all the bells and whistles for great value. Wonderfully suited for touring couples that want to explore Australia in style, the Grampian is one of the most popular Hilltop models for good reason.


Want to find out more about the Hilltop Caravans range? Get in touch today.