Essential camping tips for Australia’s spring season

  • Published August 17, 2022
  • Category News

Springtime in Australia is a glorious season. From September through to November, mild days and temperate nights usually make conditions ideal for adventuring in the great outdoors. That said, making tracks always involves a bit of planning and preparation to ensure your loved ones stay safe at all times.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of ten expert tips to help you make the most of the spring season Down Under.


If your camping gear hasn’t been used too often throughout winter, now is the perfect opportunity to repair, replace, and refresh as necessary. We also recommend having your camper trailer or caravan serviced by a qualified professional.

2. book ahead

Camp spots are incredibly popular during the Australian spring. If you have a particular trailer or caravan site in mind, it’s well worth reserving your spot in advance to avoid disappointment.


Although springtime begins to offer warmer weather, it’s still advisable to prepare for cooler days. The trick is to pack layers of clothing that you can add and remove as necessary. Windbreakers, hoodies, and socks continue to be must-have items during Australia’s spring season.


While Spring is typically warmer during the day, at night-time you can expect the temperature to drop. Ensure that you and your crew have warm sleeping bags, blankets, and cosy pyjamas so that you remain comfortable throughout the night.


While rainfall is generally lower during springtime, Australia’s weather patterns are becoming less predictable. For this reason, it’s wise to be prepared for spring showers – bring a raincoat, gumboots, or an extra pair of shoes. Consider placing a mat at the entrance of your camper or caravan to reduce the volume of mud and debris being tracked through your set-up.


A pop-up canopy is ideal for springtime. Canopies provide shade on sunnier days, and shelter on rainier days. It’s usually best to place a canopy over your meal preparation or dining areas.


In Australia, insect repellent is essentially a year-round necessity. As the weather warms up, greater numbers of biting creepy crawlies come out to play, so be sure to have personal insect repellent on hand. Essential oils such as citronella, peppermint, or eucalyptus are also effective natural insect repellents.


A first aid kit is a must-have whenever you’re outward bound. We suggest packing antiseptic cream for minor cuts or scratches, while calamine lotion can help to soothe non-venomous insect bites. Be aware of your surroundings, and ensure that you and your family know where to go for urgent medical assistance if the unexpected occurs.

9. prep your pets

Are you travelling with a furry companion? It’s very easy for animals to overheat, even when weather conditions appear to be moderate. Always ensure that your pet has access to fresh water, food, and shade. Never leave animals in a vehicle unattended.

10. seasonal ingredients

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a note on food! In Australia, Spring offers a bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables that will keep you fuelled during your outdoor adventures. Look for seasonal fruits including avocados, blueberries, lychees, mandarins, mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, and watermelon. Keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for springtime asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, and zucchini, which are perfect for barbequed veggie kebabs! 

What are your essential camping or caravanning tips, to soak up the best of Australia’s spring season? Share your thoughts with the Set Up Camp community today.